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What steps can you take when faced with the dilemma of having a residence filled with furniture, yet lacking adequate space during a renovation or a temporary transition to a smaller apartment? Discovering suitable furniture storage solutions for your extra furniture within your home can pose a formidable task, potentially leading to a disorganized and chaotic situation. At EAZY Moving & Storage,  we offer a range of furniture storage in Dubai, designed to provide your belongings with the space and protection they require.

Experience unparalleled safety, security, and dependability for your prized furniture

At EAZY Moving and Storage, we offer furniture storage units and spaces that are 100% safe, secure, and reliable for personal and business purposes. Whether you’re seeking long-term or short-term fruniture storage solutions, we are dedicated to fulfilling all your requirements.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are safeguarded by 24/7 CCTV cameras and highly-trained watchmen. In addition, our facilities are equipped with temperature control systems, fire detectors, smoke detectors, and emergency lighting to ensure your valuable items remain in pristine condition during transitions.

Furniture Storage in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Searching for a Professional Storage & Moving Service?

We are here for you. EAZY Moving and Storage offers you reliable hassle-freeservices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so that you have the time to manage everythingelse.

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    Highly Convenient Furniture Storage in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Awaits You at EAZY

    At EAZY Moving & Storage, our utmost priority is delivering exceptional customer service. We consistently strive to provide our valued clients with an outstanding experience, fostering a professional and trouble-free partnership with our team. Our home furniture storage in Dubai and furniture storage in Abu Dhabi surpass expectations by offering both convenience and peace of mind.

    As industry leaders and service providers, we simplify matters for our clients. Regardless of your specific requirements, we always ensure your needs are fully addressed. Whether you require long-term or short-term furniture storage in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, choosing EAZY is the simplest decision. Reach out to our team today, and we will guide you through our process. Contact us without delay.

    Why Choose EAZY?

    We offer professional packing goods and services to meet any level of need. Take the hassle out of moving and request a quote today.

    Ultra Modern Storage Facility in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    Ultra Modern Facility

    EAZY Storage units come fitted with climate controlled, fire detection, and dual –factor lock systems.


    24hrs Access Storage Facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    24 hrs/Access

    You can move in or out of all your personal or business items at any time depending on your convenience.


    Advance Security Storage Facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    Advance Security

    All your items will be safe and secure in our hands, with the aid of our high-end CCTV monitoring systems and professional safeguards.


    Dust & Pest Free Storage Facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    Dust & pest Free

    We keep our facilities neat and tidy. We also get professional pest control service every 3-6 months.


    Affordable Price Storage Facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    Affordable Price

    Our rates regularly beat out the competition even with superior facilities – Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


    Moving Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    Moving Services

    Our team will complete your relocation most effectively to save your time and money.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I prepare my furniture for storage?

    Whether you possess a collection of antique chairs that have lost their place, a striking red sofa that no longer complements your interior, or if the moment has arrived to usher in a new era for your dining room table, home furniture storage in Abu Dhabi or Dubai becomes an invaluable resource.

    Here are the essential steps to ensure the safekeeping of your furniture:

    2. How do you protect furniture in long-term storage?

    Numerous factors can prompt the decision to store furniture. Whether you’re in the midst of relocating, embarking on a decluttering endeavor, or downsizing your living space, the decision to house your furniture within a storage unit proves to be a sensible choice. Home furnishings typically endure well under standard environmental conditions. However, some pieces of furniture may need extra protection. That is why it’s imperative to consider other factors such as humidity, temperature changes, dust, and other external forces that could pose a significant risk to your belongings.

    3. How do you store soft furniture?

    Ensure that you store upholstered furniture in a manner consistent with how you’d arrange them in your home, avoiding any inclination to stack them on their sides or ends. Likewise, refrain from positioning smaller items atop larger ones to forestall potential harm to both components. For instance, the legs of chairs may puncture the delicate undersides of stacked sofas.

    4. What are the benefits of furniture storage?

    Storage facilities designed for furniture offer an exceptionally advantageous solution for various situations, furnishing a safe and dependable space for storing possessions, whether the need is immediate or extends over an extended duration.

    Here are the most prominent advantages:

    5. How should wood furniture be stored?

    Numerous methods exist to store your furniture efficiently and securely. Whether you’re dealing with an antique piece awaiting restoration or awaiting the perfect moment to showcase new seasonal additions, proper storage is essential. Take note of these specialized furniture storage guidelines:

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